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what green paint will match my 316 onan JD ?

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I need to touch up the front post that is green, do I need to get the paint from the dealer ( spray can ) or is there a better paint that will match ?
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JD ag/ce is what you want.
JD ag/ce is what you want.
If you're trying to match the paint on the tractor that has probably faded over the years, you would be better off taking a part off and taking it to a paint shop to get it matched.
I agree, it might be hard to match if the other paint is faded.

But, what you want, color-wise, is the newer, brighter green that JD offers. It's called "Agricultural/Commercial & Consumer Equipment", not to be confused with the earlier "Classic" green.

The JD part no. is "TY25624 -- Ag/C&CE Green" for the 12 oz rattle can.

Rustoleum offers a line of paint called "Specialty Farm Equipment", with an exact color match. The part no. for their 12 oz rattle can is "7435830 -- John Deere Green."

I have bene using both recently, and have found the Rustoleum is preferable in a number of ways. But I don't have a spray booth. Also, I've read where some say the Rustoleum is tougher/more durable, but the JD paint better resists fading due to UV exposure. Time will tell, I guess.
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