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What does this fit 42in. plow

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Hello, I'm usually on the WheelHorse forum. Two weeks ago I traded a Huskie LT with a blown motor for a WheelHorse slot hitch plow, and the gut threw in this JD 42 in. snow plow. He had no idea what it was off from. Any ideas on what tractor it'll fit and what it's worth would be helpful. Thanks.


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Thanks Pen and cementhead. Any pics of the bracket, or the model# for this blade.
Thanks for the replys all. I see from both Sand's pics and UT's, I have two issues with this blade. 1, no attaching bracket,2 the bracket on the blade itself where the lifting links attach is broke @ the pin hole. Explains the extra chain on the left side. Not sure what I'll do with this now. I can fix the lift bracket, but without the attaching bracket what good is it. Thanks again and have a very happy new year.:dunno:
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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