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What does this fit 42in. plow

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Hello, I'm usually on the WheelHorse forum. Two weeks ago I traded a Huskie LT with a blown motor for a WheelHorse slot hitch plow, and the gut threw in this JD 42 in. snow plow. He had no idea what it was off from. Any ideas on what tractor it'll fit and what it's worth would be helpful. Thanks.


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Knucklebuster that is a 43 blade used on a 68 and up 110,112, and all the early 200 series. There is a major part missing the bracket that attaches to the tractor frame a complete one usually goes for $100 on up according to cond. BILL
We have a Model 43 blade on our 110, but it looks a bit different than Knucklebuster's. One thing I notice, is his doesn't seem to have the same lock that prevents the trip springs. Ours is on the top, his appears to be on the side. Hmmm?

....Any pics of the bracket, or the model# for this blade.
Here are some pics of our 43 blade. Now, what you need to understand, is ours is mounted on our '66 110 Round Fender. The early Round Fenders took a Model 42 blade. The 43 blade was designed for later Square Fender 110s (and other models). So our 43 blade attaches to the Round Fender with a special adapter bracket.

Also, the 43 blade is only 42 inches wide.

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