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WHat do you guys think?

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I can get a 10hp Kohler K241AS for a spare engine for my ford BUT I was thinking of repowering my SS12 with it. I can get it for FREE!!:thThumbsU It runs good and starts right up. It was just pulled out of 1978 Wheel Horse C-101 8 spd that the gear shifter broke inside the trans axle.

I know I would be going down 2hp but I think it would be cool to see an old cast iron kohler in a sears.:trink39: What do you guys think?
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In my experience, free is always a good deal.
In this case,couple of hp.shouldn't make any difference.I dropped two hp's in mine,never knew it.If it's free---by all means,get it.
ive seen the kohler conversion ok...u prolly wont notice the power loss...the kohler 10 has almost the same cubic inches as the tecumseh 12....FREE is ALWAYS GOOD!!! dont pass it up!
I would get it anyway for a backup, but if the SS 12 runs good I wouldnt switch it.
Free you can't go wrong, Kohlers are great engines!
Whats wrong with the Tecumseh?
I am definitely going to get it! :thThumbsU I will post some pics when I get it. Whether it goes in my SS or not will be determined later.

Hugh, I is very hard to start when it's cold and when it finally starts, it runs like a Bag'O'Stuff. I have pretty much rebuilt the carb and cleaned it 3 times last summer with the same result each time. :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 I have not rebuilt the fuel pump yet, but at $48 for the kit:thSick:, it can wait.
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