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What do the numbers mean?

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I was wondering if anyone knew the meaning behind the model numbers.

The one part that I have surmised is the last digit corresponds with HP. For example, a 222 has a 12HP engine, at 224, has a 14HP.

I know the series, i.e. the 200/3000 series has 12" wheels, and the 400/4000 series has 16" wheels, but I don't think wheel size factors into the model number.

That's all I can figure though.. Any help would be appreciated, as I like to understand these type of things.

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How about I throw a kink in your thinkin with the model 210.
The middle number means something.
Riddle me about the 210 and 220.

13 even after we've joined some of us are still a little creepy. :fing32:
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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