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What did I Buy!!!!!!!

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Just picked up what I believe to to be MTD 990 wondering if anyone can help. From what is left of the tag it says 145-999A can't make out the serial number, engine ID is 326431-0139-01 74092. Trying to figure out exactly what I have. Sorry pics are not very good, they were taken before I bought it. Once I ID it I'm going to have lots of questions. Thanks


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I wish it was simple to get a replacement dash. I am also looking for parts and i know flej is looking for a steering spindle. Parts tractors are needed. I will tell you in my opinion. Make it work. Clean it up and get the small stuff worked out and slowly fix the big problem. You will love your tractor. It is a tank. And honestly if i lived closer i would help you work on it. I had loads of fun rigging mine up.
I spoke to soon. Lol. Do you happen to have a seat spring and a right foot rest i will pay for it and shipping.
I hope it works. I seen a john deere crawler and that looked sweet. I like it when smart people like you make something better or aleast cool to look at.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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