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What did I Buy!!!!!!!

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Just picked up what I believe to to be MTD 990 wondering if anyone can help. From what is left of the tag it says 145-999A can't make out the serial number, engine ID is 326431-0139-01 74092. Trying to figure out exactly what I have. Sorry pics are not very good, they were taken before I bought it. Once I ID it I'm going to have lots of questions. Thanks


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I'm new to this, what is wrong with the muffler????????
Discovered the muffler was actually loose and that it turned up vertical. Can anyone give me an idea with the model number what year it is. Thanks
I really appreciate the response and the information Thanks to everyone, does anyone know where I can get a replacement dash panel for this tractor. The original part number I beleive was "10850" according to the parts manual. I did find the parts manual for the motor, is there a spot where I can find an actual repair manual for the 1974 16 hp briggs & stratton. Thanks Again
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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