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What did I Buy!!!!!!!

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Just picked up what I believe to to be MTD 990 wondering if anyone can help. From what is left of the tag it says 145-999A can't make out the serial number, engine ID is 326431-0139-01 74092. Trying to figure out exactly what I have. Sorry pics are not very good, they were taken before I bought it. Once I ID it I'm going to have lots of questions. Thanks


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I am making my 990 into a crawler, so I am stripping out many parts from it, the dash is going, the upgraded axle may be spoken for by flejl. I am taking out the deck hangers, all the brake components, the steering column and gears and such are all going. PM me if you all want, I can take pictures of what you want or tell you if I need it and am not getting rid of it.

Sorry most are black and white, must have had a setting off, anyway the tractor is a MTD so you know the color scheme.


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I need to see where the foot rests mount in relation to the tracks if they are in the way they will have to go, as for the seat spring I may have to keep that until this project is done. Then again if the dozer doesn't work, you all will have lots of parts.:praying: PS should know about the foot rests tomorrow.
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