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What did I Buy!!!!!!!

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Just picked up what I believe to to be MTD 990 wondering if anyone can help. From what is left of the tag it says 145-999A can't make out the serial number, engine ID is 326431-0139-01 74092. Trying to figure out exactly what I have. Sorry pics are not very good, they were taken before I bought it. Once I ID it I'm going to have lots of questions. Thanks


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You have, an unfortunately somewhat butchered 990.

Get that exhaust off there before you try to start it.
990's have 4 lug 15" rear wheels, 3 lug fronts. Looks like you got one.
Actually the later models had no front hubs - just bushings in the wheels.
I'm new to this, what is wrong with the muffler????????
It's a fire hazard waiting to happen that close to the carb. How did the PO expect to adjust the carb with a hot exhaust pipe wrapped around it?

Why on earth did he cut up the grill?

BTW, you're reading 145-990 on that tag.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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