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What causes a head gasket to blow on an air cooled engine?

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I an liquid cooled motor, a sudden loss of coolant will cause the head gasket to blow.

What are the mechanics of that in an air cooled motor?

I have a two stroke scooter that has no compression all of a sudden. Running fine one second, then nothing. I has spark, i spray ether in the intake and the plug gets wet but no compression.
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Warped head will cause it, uneven head bolt torque is another, broken head bolts, cracked head, defect in the gasket, warped block in extreme cases, and there's a few more other ones. Those are the only ones I've seen or remember hearing about right now though.
Could be rings, too. 2-strokes will burn up a set of rings in a heartbeat of the gas/oil mix isn't right.
How's the air filter looking, most of the time its fuel oil mix or dirt in cylinder.
plugged cooling fins can make the head and cylinder get hot enough to warp....improper torque can do it as well.

On a 2 stroke, if you suddenly lose compression it can be a busted rod, scored cylinder...and thats about it..none of it is good.
I'll go with a busted rod. Does the engine turn over easier/faster then normal, as if the spark plug is removed?
I would go with a burned piston, down the side or a whole in the top. Caused by a lean condition. Carb plugged up or wrong oil mix.
My neighbor blew his on a Briggs & Stratton Intek from mice building a nest under engine cover over heated it, Ariens dealer said it happens all the time to that engine. I blew one messing with govenor reving it out of control on a Briggs OHV.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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