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What "cat" are these......?

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I come from the land of GT's, have never even driven a real tractor.

I am looking at a 9n w/FEL today because I have many projects around here that would greatly benefit from the versatility of a full size tractor.

That said, my neighbor is a 100 acre working farm that runs three tractors- two are the ford 4wd sub compacts and a kubota L.

He has too many implements to list, pretty much anything he has I am welcome to; splitter , auger, blades, tiller, plows, etc.....

I am clueless (so far) because this idea of a full size tractor is new- really didn't think I could find a working 9n FEL within my budget. I am at the stage in my life where I would rather use the proper tool instead of brawn......

So question is, what category 3pt is on 9n's ? I read the limitations of what can be run with these machines so I know not every implement will work.

Also, do 9n's come plumbed with hydro out back- if not, easy or hard to do?

Figure I'd ask some elementary questions before I head over to check out this machine....

Took the day off so wish me luck....!

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I am not encouraging anyone to use one of these, it looks wicked dangerous to me but it is out there.
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