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What cart

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Is this a 10 cart? Old style lettering I can't tell so up for opinions.
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I don't think it is a Deere cart QA,it looks like a Brinly cart someone painted.Not that it really matters because Brinly made the Deere carts in that series (5,7,10,15)anyway.Minor differences,2 piece tub on the Brinly vs.1 piece on the Deere cart(except the earliest ones),lift off tailgate on the Brinly vs.hinged gate on the Deere,narrow wheels and no lock mech on the dump lever(Brinly),and last the Deere cart had the hitch pin fastened to the drawbar with a chain.Also the Deere carts had a black undercarriage and drawbar.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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