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I need some advise/suggestions since I am a newbee to lawn care and mowers since I been using a service for 8 yrs to mow my lawn.
I got a used D100 with 30 hous on it.
The blades are all dinged up and I want to get a set of mulching blades and resharpen the old blades so I have a second set of blades.
I'm totally new to mowers let alone tractors.
I'm pretty sure the blades are original. I purchased a mulching cover.
1) Are the original blades 3n1? They are pretty dinged up. Should I resharpen the old blades? Would they be good for mulching?
2) I was looking to get the Oregon Gator blades model 92-615 or 96-356.
Which would be better? I will usually cut once a week but more if I need to. Is the 96-356 too heavy for my tractor? I don't have a bagger. Or should I get a different set of mulching blades?
I have flat 1/2 acre of lawn. The lawn is not in the greatest of shape meaning it's not thick and it's bumpy with lot of weeds. I get a lot of leaves in the fall since I have several trees. I thinking of mulching the grass and leaves and leaving it on the grass.
Any advise or suggestion is welcome. :dunno:
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