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What a Drive.

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been trying to meet with the guy since there was snow on the ground, (april)
get out there, everything is buried in sheds, the parts tractor is in a pond sitting on a trailer.
Borrowed his Skid steer, made loading super easy, turn on the highway and the Thunderstorm hits, soon as it starts raining the trailer lights shorted out. But it was worth it!
Got a:
42" deck in fair condition
Single Stage Snow blower missing chute adjustment arm
Manual 3 point hitch with extension arm
Snow blower lift mechanism that will become a snow plow
Roper 20t, no motor something screwy in the transmission, but has Carlisle ags

ST16 original everything, needs a seat, and a gas cap, as the glass had broken, and one day the cap caught on fire :fing20: melting only the cap
Has original tires, not cracked or beat up.
The Cone is good, has all the safety guards and the removable grill piece too!
Going to mow with it tomorrow!

so before the complaining starts......


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Nice haul :)
You got a quarter tank of gas too!! Way to go...

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definitely a good haul!
Nice haul! Looks like you will be busy for the forseeable future. Someones dog was determined to get in the pic even if, to a small degree.
Is the Roper a candidate for restoration or just for parts??
Thanks all.
Took the carb off, it was shiny and clean inside, fuel and a battery and she ran like a diesel. The main needle on the carb was out about 4 turns too far.
Adjusted that, greased everything, and mowed three and a half acres with it yesterday.
Lol there isnt any fuel in the tank, the gauge is toast, any ideas where to find a new one?
The Roper is just going to be for parts, i can use the dash on my 16t.
Lol yes my dog loves getting her photo taken.
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New cap/ gauge could be had from JD ( RF 110 ), or Stens makes a replacement also.. Whichever place is closer to get parts, it will likely need ordered anyway
awesome Stens it is, have a part list i need to order from them.
When you find the Stens # could you post it?
IIRC it's 125-153. 7- 7/8" tank depth but there are other tank depths with different P/N's. Any Stens dealer should be able to figure it out

I don't remember The JD part number.
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