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Looking at it realistically, the snowcaster should be worth at least $200.00 if it is in working condition and not beat to death. The blade value should be at least $100.00 even if it is rusty and in need of a new cutting edge and ski's.

The wheel weights puzzle me on that tractor.. I don't know what to say about them but if the chains aren't holding them on, then the weights have to be worth at least $50.00 and the chains another $30.00.

That leaves the tractor with a deck at $420.00. It certainly looks rough but my main concern would be with the Onan's condition, the clutch condition and the deck condition. I sense that he is somewhat flexible so I'd bet that an offer of $650.00 wouldn't get the door slammed in your face. Where the saw-off point fell would be up to the Seller and Buyer on the day.

Not that it matters any regarding value, the tractor is a 1977 model, not a 1978 as listed.

If it was close to me and I was hunting for a 400 series package, then the asking price would not scare me away. I'd go and see it first-hand and check it out thoroughly. Sometimes you get lucky and find a diamond in the rough.
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