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What a $60 316 looks like.

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Nabbed this at an auction Sat. Almost got it for $30 before some other guy woke up. The owner came by after I bought it and said it runs good, just needs a fuel pump. To be determined. I think the steering wheel was an option this year.


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Nice! this would make a "deal of the day"

I bought a $50 316 onan w/ blown onan, however, it had a full tank of gas. I drained the gas & used it in my 420. at the time, that was about $15 in gas
Perfect for a guy that doesn't know which way to turn, or has to mow an incredibly long, straight stretch of highway median!
Nice score!
Nice score. Why can't I come accross deals like that???
Must be a rough neighborhood if the first thing to go is the steering wheel. $60 is a steal for must be livin' right.
Good score. :thThumbsU They are out there, I recently bought a Beaver table saw and a Webster 2 hp compressor at auction, 15 bucks for the pair and they both work.
The heck with the steering wheel, Where is the Grill Emblem ?… Where is the grill ?

You gonna represent yourself @ the trial :sidelaugh
Sure doesn't look like any $60 rider I run across. Sweet deal, congrats :drunkie:
The heck with the steering wheel, Where is the Grill Emblem ?… Where is the grill ?

Either can be found on the Minneapolis CL currently, choice of either: $60. :hide:
If it runs good it will probably donate the engine & transaxle to my long dormant '74 140 H-3. I also have another 316 Kohler needing a muffler but this one isn't great.
I also got a Wheel Horse GT-14 that runs good that I pulled this one on the trailer with for $30. Not a sellers sale. I actually was there to nab a zero turn and settled for a Snapper 20hp 50" deck with 570 hours for $600. Mowed with it today.
awesome deal! :thThumbsU
Did the early 316 have H2? Because I see 2 handles. :)
Yes, the early kohler 316 had H2.
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