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What can anyone tell me about Westendorf, good or bad? I was looking around for FEL quick attachments, found the company, and then got interested in the "Brush Crusher". However, their web-site wants me to give my name, address, phone number, first born male child, etc, JUST TO TELL ME WHO THEIR DEALERS ARE. I don't give out my real name online, even here, (and I consider MTF pretty darn trustworthy), because I've already had my identify stolen once, and don't plan to go through that again.
I saw their phone number, but I don't know if I'm even going to call, after reading the list of stuff they want to know before they'll let me know who sells thier equipment, since I don't know anything about the company, so if anyone has had any dealings with them, or know who sells their items in Texas, I'd appreciate any input.
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I worked for Westendorf for years in sales, service and design after I got out of college. I have been using their products my entire life. I personally would not buy any other loader, running gear, and scraper from anyone else. They are in Onawa, Iowa, and small town of a 3000 or so. Family owned and run by the son & grandson of the founder. Midwest valves and can't imagine how you will have any issues with them (I know I never have). They are only about 50 minutes from me currently. They have all of my info and have for over 20 years. Call them and ask questions. I will tell you to get the 3 or 4 closest dealers to you. Some dealers are better than others and may represent Westendorf, but may not be very knowledge on they're stuff. Very Well Built Equipment!
I finally heard back from Westendorf, after three weeks. They replied by sending me a brochure and a link to their website. I wonder where they think I got the information to ask them who their dealers in Texas are? Maybe it's because of the holidays, maybe I'm just not communicating well, but I'm beginning to question why finding out who sells the "Brush Crusher" attachment in Texas is so difficult. Does anyone have any ideas as to what's going on here? Is there some problem with the attachment? I like what I've seen on videos, and it looks like it will do exactly what I need, but I can't buy one if they won't tell me where they are sold and how much they are?
I don't mean to slam the company, but has anyone else had this much frustration in trying to buy something from them? Is there some problem here?
Have you called them and asked? You will probably have your info in a matter of minutes. I've learned that in dealing with many AG companies that a phone call is always faster. I use to get calls all the time when I worked there inquiring about the nearest dealer. We told people right away. That was before the internet was big, but I bet that will work the best. As stated before, there equipment is top notch in my opinion.

Westendorf's Phone: 1-877-423-0070
I can't talk right now, so phone is out of the question, and communicating by e-mail is my best method. I had my wife call about a week before Christmas, but she got "someone will get back with you" and haven't heard a thing since. That's why I'm curious about them being closed a couple of weeks solid for the holidays or something?
Sending you a PM with an email address. I sent her an email making her aware of the situation.
I have sent you a PM - please read and get in touch with me. I just need you to narrow your location with a zip code as Texas is a very large state.
Situation handled, thank you everyone.
Glad to help. Let us know if you get a brush crusher and post some pictures!
I use a Westendorf FEL on a Kubota tractor fairly frequently- it is a very sturdy attachment and has had no problems since it was installed about 14 years ago.
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