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Westchester Piston? Please help me identify my mystery piston

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I am trying to help a friend identify the part number on his piston. It is 12746P1 and has us stumped. A very knowledgeible member of this suggested it might be from a Westchester. If anyone has one please look at it for me. It came from an old dealers collection of parts. Any help is appreciated Charles
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If someone posted a picture of it, it would help. Does the piston have a slot cut in the side of it? If not, then it isn't a Gravely piston. That leaves Onan, Kohler, B&S, Kawi, Honda, Yanmar, and Robin. Gravely sold parts for all of them under Gravely part numbers.
I have a westchester piston I'd be glad to photo for you but I'm 6500 miles from it this month.
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