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Hi All, Jeff here from Muskegon, MI.
I'm not gunna beat around the bush, all I want to do is sell an older Simplicity tractor, BUT, I would rather it go to someone who likes old tractors.
I want someone to use it (or part it out I guess), not just beat it up and let it rust. While I can't control what someone does with their own property, I figured anyone who belongs to a forum for tractors, would care a little more.

I'm tempted to just toss in the web address here, but don't want to violate forum rules.

However, if the administrator or the general forum populous has a problem with me only getting a membership, just to sell my old tractor, please let me know and I will end my membership now.

Now, I would restore it and use and be the guy in our neighborhood with a super cool retro tractor, but, I have enough hobbies at it is; I'm on a K5 Blazer forum, bicycling forum, I used a boat forum to help restore my old boat and my wife, daughter and I are way too active (gotta love West MI, plenty of outdoors to enjoy).

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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