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Well, so much for that....

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Got home yesterday from work and was all excited about getting to play in the snow, finally! We got, all told, about 6-8 inches starting at about 4:00 yesterday morning. Got the car into the garage and went upstairs and changed my clothes, got my boots and coat on and went out the back door headed for the shed. Off of our deck are three steps down to the yard. First step went OK. Second step, not so good. My foot slipped on the the step and my newly surgically repaired knee buckled and down I went. Crawled back up the steps and into the house (now covered in that white crap). Knee looks like a beach ball and I can't put any weight on it again. Doctor is not going to be happy. For now, God put that white stuff there, he will have to figure out how to get rid of it....
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Sorry to hear that. All you wanted to do was WORK! That probably wouldn't have happened if you were going out to play.
Very sorry to hear your knee issue recurrence. I guess there is some hope that you just set back your rehab a couple weeks and don't need additional surgery.
Ouch, I hope your knee feels better soon without surgery.
Ouch, I hope your knee feels better soon without surgery.
Ditto^^^! I hope you are able to get back out there soon!!!
Ouch!! Hope everything turns out OK.
Sorry to hear about your mishap. Hopefully it just needs a bit more rest and PT.
BUMMER !! I hope your knee is salvagable and doesn't need more surgery . LFate plays dirty tricks on us. Wish you a speedy recovery so that you can get to play in the snow.
I say "ouch!!", too. I did something similar a couple weeks ago and it was a BIG reminder of how quickly things can go south! In my case, it is slowly getting better without a DR.'s help and I hope yours will, as well. I wonder if an ice pack might help?

Owie, Sorry to hear that. I have done something similar after being caught up in the moment.
Boy, that sucks. I can relate as Ive had 3 knee surgeries on the same knee. God must not have wanted you to go out onto your JD for a reason! Hang in there!!

I on the other hand, was out in that crud 3x yesterday, using the JD plow setup vs the blower. I can understand why people like to plow..its fun to run into things.
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Hope you heal up real soon without any more surgery. slkpk
Well if it makes you feel any better, I sometimes get pulled down to the orthopedic floor at the hospital I work at. I have seen people with total knee replacements go down from time to time, most dont go back to surgery. Obviously I dont know your situation, but sometimes it helps to hear its happened to others and they didnt need surgery!
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Sorry to hear about your fall and not being able to do some snow clearing, you might not get much of a chance this winter! Hope you don't need any more surgery!
Oh no!!! Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope you get well soon. :thThumbsU
That is rough, send your snow this way i will take care of it!
Now that's a crappy Friday the 13th mishap. I wish you the speediest of recoveries and hope you're back riding the green soon!
Whoa, what a way to start the new year in Coal Valley,Illinois.

If we lived closer, I'd come over with my X720, and help with your snow removal this winter until you get back on your feet.

Heal Fast.
Well, I sat on my butt for three days over the long weekend and it has helped. I was able to get on the tractor to push some snow on Saturday, but it was tough going. It was very cold and the 728 hadn't been started since early November and it did some complaining, but it did start but then the hydraulics were VERY stiff (almost as stiff as my knee!). I got the driveway cleared and hobbled back to my chair in the den and more ice on the knee. I was able to walk this morning so I went to work but something isn't right so I'm off to see the doctor this afternoon. I got to get this knee right so I can get my other shoulder done this spring! My shoulder doc wasn't happy the last time I was there and on crutches. Stuck a needle in my shoulder and told me to call him when I wasn't on crutches.:banghead3
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