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well it was fixed...for all of five minutes

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some of you may have coomented on my previous thread about how i was having carb problems on my 212. well after cleaning it three times it would not stay running and was hard to start. so i adjusted the float so it was level with the carb, and when i reinstalled it the tractor ran great and started almost instantly. so i figured problem solved, nope lol. got on it today and it will only start if you leave ther choke all the way out and the throttle has to be all the way down and itll only run for a minute tops. checked float and its fine and mixtures screws are all set right. im stumped, i think my carb is cursed lol
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Reduce the plug gap to about .010". That will mask a weak ignition system. Having to start the engine with a closed throttle points to an ignition problem. The closed throttle lowers the compression making the plug easier to fire.
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