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Well, I tried the radio thing...

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I tried the radio thing. I decided to install a car stereo and sattellite radio I had hanging around on my spare parts shelf. I tried to hook up headphones to the car stereo through the RCA out ports. I got it all to work, but with the motor running it wasnt loud enough. I removed the car stereo and tried my Radio Shack AM-FM-WX radio with cheap noise cancelling headphones and it works pretty good. The Radio Shack radio has enough power to drive the headphones and picks up the Sirius radio pretty good! I can also hook up the Ipod through the Radio to boost the power to the headphones. Everything sounds OK, not great, just OK, so I am sure that I will spend some time just listening to the diesel engine as well.
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I try a radio me too but it's to noisy, I prefer the sound of the tractor in my ears and IMO it's safer to work without any distraction.
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