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welder opinions

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I might be buying a new welder but I don't know much about this one and can't find much info on it. Let me know if you know anything about it or find something. THanks

It is a Dayton 250 amp Mig, Tig and Stick welder it is made by Grainger model 3z564
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I don't know about their welders but i have bought a lot of Dayton products from Grainger and had good luck with it. For my use i like to stay with Miller or Lincoln for welding equipment.I can drive 5 miles and get parts or service.
That makes it really nice to not have to drive so far or pay for shipping LOL

Also do you ( or anyone) even know about how much I should buy it for? I don't want to low ball her but I also want a good deal.
Well here is the info on it. I would not give too much as it has been discontinued according to this.
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