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Hello everyone,

I am wondering what the typical tongue and towing capacities (maybe ballpark max, I'm not looking to ruin the things) these tractors are made for. To get down to specifics, I have a C459 and a C944. The C944 has some kind of CVT, maybe it's called a hydrostatic transmission? I've seen that word thrown around... Anyway, I recently was 'stopped' at the top of a hill towing a 'light' trailer with the 944, because it just... couldn't go up anymore:hide: . It works fine, and I stopped as soon as the tractor started to slow. For those who might say, well don't do that then: the hill is also not traveled any more; the tree that was blocking the normal path has been carried away (see where I'm going with this?)

The reason I ask is that I have towed the trailer under a heavier load with the 459 and not had a problem. The way to guage the load is how badly the trailers leaf springs are buckled. Anyway, I don't know if "they build them like they used to" or not. The main concern of mine is damaging the CVT, as it's one sealed unit (I believe?) and I'm not interested in having to replace that. Maybe the drive-belt will break before?

At any rate, I'd love to hear your experiences and advice.


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