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More Grass!
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Someone gift this thing to me. Was supposed to be dead, and I'm told it's older than dirt. But it looks like new, and started first try and runs like a top, everything perfect.

But it has an aftermarket line-feeder-head thingee (I don't know what it's properly called) that's jammed up good and won't open up, and the repairs guy at Ace said the original unit is no longer made, and he had nothing to replace it. It does come off the shaft bolt easily enough.

For what I'd like to use it for, a light-duty brush-cutter head might be better. Or a head where I can supply my own heavy-duty line like I use in the walk-behind brush mower. (Cuz the pasture grass rips up regular grade line faster than you can blink.)

Anyway... suggestions on what might work, and not immediately fall apart? (Lordy, the negative reviews on Amazon for this stuff...)


PS. was part of a bigger haul, including a "dead" lawn mower that also looks new and runs great!
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