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Is there an available weed and feed that dosent kill clover? i have a lawn that has alot of orchard grass and timothy growing in it in spots would like to get rid of it but dont want to kill the clover. i like it and so does the wildlife can anybody help me out?
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I've been out of the farm supply business for several years and things do change but I can not think of any product that will help. The problem is that both Timothy and Orchard Grass are members of the grass family so anything you use will kill your lawn grass too.

Having said that,contact your local Agricultural Extension office or County agent or Farm Coop. They should be able to help you.
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How big of a aera you doing??? In my parts the clover tends to grow in big patches. Maybe just spray around them.
"Poast" (generic name "sethoxydim") is used to kill grass in clover.
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