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I have a Case 320 Back Hoe with this pump on the front of the tractor.
I have searched high and low on the internet looking for new or used parts for this pump. 2XES1 - L 152735 made by Webster Electric.
After taking it apart I find that I need a seal and one of these steel/brass plates. (see pic) The plate is .112 of an inch thick and about 6 inches by 5 inches in size.
The pump worked but it leaked at the seal and would not build up good pressure.

I decided to show everyone what I did to repair my hydraulic pump that was obsolete and parts were not available.
The pump was working when I removed it but it was leaking a lot oil out of the shaft seal and it would not build up very much pressure.
First I disassembled the pump and cleaned it up to determine what parts needed to be replaced. Pump parts are shown in pictures 1, 2 and 3.

I found the (what I will call the top and bottom wear plates) bottom wear plate was broken and the top wear plate was worn. See pictures 4, 5, 6, and 7.

From what I could determine the broken pieces allowed pressurized oil to leak along the shaft and out of the shaft seal.
After learning that there were no parts available I decided to try to make the parts I needed, except for the shaft seal which I purchased on line by size.
The wear plates are made up of a steel outside piece and a powered bronze inside piece. The bronze is staked inside the steel to hold it in place. The steel is in good condition, the bronze needs to be replaced. I found that the bronze thickness was the only critical dimension .113 of an inch.

I looked for several days and finally found an on line company that would sell me a small piece of powdered bronze bearing plate. I purchased a piece large enough to make the top and bottom pieces.
This was a .125” by 5” x 8” and the cost was $71.00 shipped. Shipping was 1/3rd of the cost. A lot cheaper then an $800.00 to $1200.00 new pump if it works.

I received the seals which I purchased on line. I purchased 2 so I could double up the seal protection but the seal housing was not deep enough hold both seals.

I then received the powdered bronze bearing plate, which only took a few days to get here. I outlined the worn parts on the new bearing plate.

When I started working on the bronze plate I made sure I went very slow and used small drill bits and hand tools to eliminate any chance of cracking or breaking the bronze plate.
I found that a small metal hand saw, a Dremel tool, the drill press with a air grinder stone, and the 1 inch belt sander.
The belt sander helped me form the round edges of the plates.
See attached pictures.

The hardest part of the rebuild was sanding the .125 thick plate down to .113.
This took me two days to complete and then I had to put the pump together and see if the pump shaft would turn. After putting the pump together and taking it apart 9 times I finally got the right amount of drag when turning the shaft.

Today I installed the pump after putting a cup or two of new hydraulic oil in the pump.
I waited an hour or two for any air to bubble up and out of the system. I then filled the hydraulic tank and left it sit again for a few hours.
When I fired it up everything sounded good the pump was not getting hot. The front end loader worked great and the hoe worked great. No leaks at the pump shaft.
Wow this saved me a ton of money and cost me less $100.00.
Don't be afraid to try and fix you own breakdowns, you save a lot of money.

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Very nicely described and well executed repair! :thThumbsU

Thank you for taking the time to describe and the pictures to show the how's and where's for future reference should anyone else run into a similar issue. :thanku:
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