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Man if this monsoon weather dont change I dont know what Im gonna do.
I just about forgot I even had a Gravely.
Last Sunday ( meaning yesterday ) thought I might go out there and put my gas line on and put some gas in it and give her a go since I had to go out there and tear a sweeper apart and blow it out and such but it got late and cold er so I just bugged out.
I can do the gas line and give it a pull or 2 or 3 and see if it will at least run and I can put deck on when the weather does break but Im not messin w/deck because a guy up the street I got the sulky from has a better deck and Im just gonna get it from him instead of putting mine on.
Im not 100% certain its better than mine but from what I could see of it when we drug that sulky out of that garage that looks like most of ours does...well at least mine anyway lol.
I just wish it was over but there is still most of Feb. and then March and the rain here is killing us, the whole town is about to float away. I honestly cant even imagine my yard being dried out, till April at least. Sorry I just couldnt hold it in any longer lol.
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