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WD Shifter help

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I am new to working on tractors more than changing oil and doing some minor testing/repair. Unfortunately, I do not have someone around anymore to call and show me how something works or how it should work. I have the service manual for my 49 WD but for some reason I can not visualize in my head how the shifting tower parts work together with the shifter. I think I get the big concept of how moving the shifter moves the forks which changes the gearing. But how they all move together is something I can not get straight. My problem, I shifted into second gear, and it shifted kind of hard, then it the shift lever just went loose. Meaning it was still in the shifter tower but no longer in contact with the other shifter parts in the tower. My main question, is there a video out there somewhere that shows how the shifter fits into the other shifter parts in the tower and also how those parts move as it is shifted into other gears? I will apologize now for seeming a bit dense from just words and a diagram, I seem to be learn best by visuals especially if they show motion or when motion is indicated some how. Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to MTF Carl! Lots of info here and great members to help and share with, enjoy the site! Although I grew up on a WD until I was in college it was my father that did the major mechanicals on it, great tractor though. Hopefully we'll have another member come along soon to lend you a hand. Here is some site navigation assistance in case you need it:

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We try to help as much as possible, unfortunately we don't have any Allis Chalmers manuals in the library.
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