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Not really problematic,just quirky,they aren't like a typical metal building like a Butler or other brand thats a gable design like a house...the curve of the arches do present a challenge when it comes to attaching wall covering or insulation,and its not ideal for hanging tools on pegboard either..

Had I left the building the height it was manufactured at (18 foot at the peak),it would have had a 6' straight wall along each side,which would have been better--but that would have made it appear "huge" ,taller & larger than the house,so I had the company cut the straight panels down to about 44" so it'd be 13' at the peak instead..(If it was my house then,I'd have lived with it being "huge"!)..

Unfortunately that isn't tall enough to allow a "second floor" or loft,which would have doubled the storage space,and allowed you to "box in" the ground floor with studs and wood and insulate it easier..but that would also be like building a stick built garage within the quonset,which wouldn't be cheap either,but worth it for the space you'd gain..(could have living quarters "upstairs" too if desired )..

I'm happy with the building overall,its main feature was it was relatively cheap at just over 4K to buy,and I could erect it myself,and there is no roof shingles to fail.nothing to paint,and it still looks like new after 24 years
You get a lot of room for the money compared to stick built,its fireproof,has no rafters to interfere with a car lift,and if you want to expand it,its as simple as buying additional arches and bolting them on,and adding some more concrete footers for them to stand on..
You could even move it if desired,but I'd buy a new one rather than try taking one all apart that has been up for'd probably ruin the arches trying to pry them apart where the butyl rubber caulking is...(if it was caulked like mine was)..
Like everything else,it has its advantages and disadvantages..
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