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Wasted my time today, but not about to give up!

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Well, I replaced both of the oil seals on my 5274 D601 19" Lawn-Boy today (yesterday now!) with new ones. I cleaned basically everything (not internals). And installed a new primer bulb and a new spark plug. I gapped the plug, and regapped the flywheel/cd pack. I assembled everything back together. About 3 hours of work in all. Mower started up fine. I already knew that there was a good bit of play in the engine, but not too threatening for now. So, I knew some small vibrations might be possible. (the song "Good Vibrations" pops into my head there. LOL) But, these were no "good vibrations" here. No, too much. I checked the shaft. Yep! Bent! About 3 hours of work for this!?!?! It wouldn't run before for me to know. As there was a major amount of air loss for it to even stay running, let alone start due to the oil seals. So, I am not giving up on this buety of a mower. Nope, because I love D engined Lawn-Boy's and I have patience. So, I have some cranks and bearings laying around. So, another project!:fing32: This will basically be my first time doing internal work on a D engine. I have already done so on an F. So, wish me luck!
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We all waste time its part of the hobby. Just make sure when you take the connecting rod off the crankshaft you dont loose the needle bearings
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