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Was given a gravely

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Was given a model li with a sickle bar mower attachment Serial number m20303 Man number A-3707
Was wondering what Year it is and what common things should be looked at etc... Seems to run well.... however heres the kicker. The exhaust flange was cracked and leaking really bad but after further investigation I found that the exhaust flange on the head or jug where the exhaust and gasket meet has corroded away and seems someone has already brazed a stud in at some point which also broke... I’m kinda assuming I’m looking at locating a new “jug” Any thoughts and insight would be great. I’ve been a car mechanic for the past 15 years so I’m not afraid to work on it and frankly it just seems like with would be enjoyable to work on. Thanks everyone
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What would the engine name or designation be? And if getting a used jug...beside wanting to clean it up and have it machined is it possible to just install as is if it is the same motor?
Thanks a lot guys I appreciate the help. It's been a while since I've been active on any type of forum and forget how helpful people are
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