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Was given a gravely

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Was given a model li with a sickle bar mower attachment Serial number m20303 Man number A-3707
Was wondering what Year it is and what common things should be looked at etc... Seems to run well.... however heres the kicker. The exhaust flange was cracked and leaking really bad but after further investigation I found that the exhaust flange on the head or jug where the exhaust and gasket meet has corroded away and seems someone has already brazed a stud in at some point which also broke... I’m kinda assuming I’m looking at locating a new “jug” Any thoughts and insight would be great. I’ve been a car mechanic for the past 15 years so I’m not afraid to work on it and frankly it just seems like with would be enjoyable to work on. Thanks everyone
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It looks like it's a 1957. It also sounds like a "new" jug is likely in your future.
I inherited my 1956 LI years ago. It was a smoker at the time. Took the jug off and to a local machine shop. Anyway new bore, new piston and rings, a little lapping of valves, and it runs fantatic! Mine is electric start, but the chain broke last fall. At the time I was miles from home but I did get it started with a pull on a improvised ratchet strap. Anyway it always starts on first pull so I haven't even put the new starter chain on. Just made a real original style pull strap.
With a little work yours should be a strong running machine too! Especially with your mechanical background. Good luck and have fun!
Forgot to say that there are several jugs listed on eBay. Even some new old stock (read big $) but depends on what you want to do. Again Good Luck with it!
I assume yours is a 6.6hp given the year. The spark plug is leaning (electrode end towards the carburator) correct? If so-That's all you really need. It should bolt right up.
There were some valve changes at certain years I guess, but if you get something for a 6.6 gravely engine I believe youll be ok.
Possibly someone could chime in here in that.
Or call Richards Lawn and Garden (304-927-4580 or 800-827-4551) and ask. Good people and know all things gravely. I know they have used jugs too. Not sure on the price vs ebay though.
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