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Wanted 61-62

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I used to own a 653. Oh what a dandy little girl it was. Enjoyed that thing I did. I had to sell her a few years ago when we went from our house to a appartment. Now that we are back into NY and in a house. Have been for a couple of years now. In the porocess of hopefully getting a bigger place with barn. I now own a cub 75, 805 and 1315. Really wanting to get another little ole gal in any reasonably restorable shape. Cant be too far from 14572 and cant be too much. Basket cases are welcome as long as its all there and resembles a tractor. Prefer a running motor to work with. If your into cubs too LOL, lets talk. Also do have a old benton walk behind and a troy built rototiller and ariens rototiller. Always willing to horse trade. Got other junk infront of house too LOL.
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Sorry, I meant 61-63. Also would be more interested in the kohler motor models and more interested in versions with the hydrolics. Thank you.
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