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Want some opinions on John Deere 112 Kohler engine tear-down Lots Of Pics

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Hi guys, Just want opinons on the kohler engine out of my John Deere 112. Judging by the pics, what does it need?

"Finally got around to looking at the engine. I "think" i found the source of the oil leak in the front, It might be the valve cover that was leaking, Not sure yet though. Take a look at the pictures. Should I completely tear down the engine? Or just clean it up, replace all the gaskets and put it back together?"

What is this mark on the cam shaft?

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If it were mine, and my ring gaps were not too loose, Id hone it, put in new rings, new gaskets..and run it. If it wasnt knocking or making internal noises, probably not in any immediate danger.

I also see a head gasket leak..make sure your had is flat...

If you want to do it up right...have it all measured, replace or machine as needed...and it will be "good for another 40 years". But its a little spendy, guess it all depends on your intentions.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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