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Walk Behind #2 Up and Running Thank You All.

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Hello All,

After a number of posts answered, parts orders from Richard's, and an out of state road trip, I have my Commercial 10A running well and the 40" kidney deck humming along.

Definitely going to take some getting used to the " Reversed" drive control compared to the L, but darn does this thing cut some grass.

Great blade speed in High, and with swifty in low, the ground speed is a nice easy walking pace.

Now I can keep the L and 30" for off lawn areas, and knock out the lawn with the 40"

Sure beat the 21" Snapper.

Thanks again to all who helped me out, much appreciated.

Now that she is sorted it's time to start fixing up the sweeper to battle the acorns this fall.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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