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walbro carburetor help

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Found some numbers stamped on this Walbro carburetor WTB27A or WT827A....not sure if second digit is a B or 8..... but cant cross it to find a kit for it. Any help please would be appreciated.
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Do you have a camera? Do you know what this(carb/engine) was used on currently or previously? They may give hints. Beyond that, I'd be searching the usual spots on the web for similar models. Does it need a kit?

It looks like the one I have..would like to try a kit first if I knew which one. I will try to take a photo of it tonight and post it. The carb comes off of a YARD MACHINE mini tiller/cultivator.
If a WT-827 the overhaul kit is K20-WAT, it is inexpensive and readily available. Any well stocked shop should have it.
Repair K20-WAT, Gaskets and diaphragm D20-WAT.
Select a ComponentÂ*[Frontstep Customer CenterÂ*5Â*Frontstep, Inc.] It does show -1 on the carb number but that's what I would try.
Here is a photo of it. What kit would it take?

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Read what Roy said.

Roy:If a WT-827 the overhaul kit is K20-WAT

Were it me, I'd be looking to find a K20-WAT kit. And I am only parroting Roy.

Why do the kits I see not have the "A" after the number 7
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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