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Walbro carb

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I have a Walbro LMK Carb I took apart for cleaning. It is from a Briggs 16cvs. Somewhere in this shop, I misplaced the low speed fuel adjusting screw and spring. The Walbro Part number is 102-469-1. Tried to get a new one and of course it is no longer available. Since it had a limiter cap on it, they did not include it in the rebuild kit. Anyone have one laying around or a suggestion as to how I can save this carb?
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Solved the problem. I found a small screw to insert where the valve was, and put it in. Engine now purrs like a kitten.
That was fast. :)

I bought parts for my LME-26 at (found the infamous replacement service jet made from unobtanium there). They also have an eBay store.
I will bookmark that site. I downloaded the parts list for the carb and it stated that in some cases they did not even have that needle installed on the carb, so I tried it and it worked better than it did with it in, so I am a happy camper. Now I can give it back to my neighbor without worry.
Right on, at least you got it up and running.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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