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Waiting on spring

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So here I sit in the new house. Winter has been a busy so far... which is good for the hassle but man I really wanted to play on my bx in the snow! The rain has been on and off for weeks now. I can't till the garden, which I was wanting to do as soon as I can. I have landscaping projects I want to do and this weather just keeps screwing it up. In the meantime I have been keeping more than busy with projects around the house. The former owners did a lot of work... and by work I mean they half did it. So far I have replumbed both showers (pex is a wonderful thing) because of leaks, changed out the gasket in the strainer basket due to them over tightening it, moved the thermostat (and changed it over to a smart thermostat... but that was more of a want than a need) because they had it horribly located and it made no room in the house comfortable, attempted to install a new closet light (notice I said tried... the wire coming into the closet has a broken neutral and I still can't get in the attic to replace it), put plastic over the windows in the screened in porch (who in the world would only put screen on a porch with a nice floor? It was like a swimming pool after a rain), attempted to rewire a three way switch in the dining room (again attempted... I still have no idea what is going on there... I have wired a ton of three way switches and no matter what I did it wouldn't work right... I got frustrated and gave up), and I am sure I am forgetting something.
Anyway, I am curious what everyone else is doing to pass the time until they can play in the yard.

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