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Waiting on spring

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So here I sit in the new house. Winter has been a busy so far... which is good for the hassle but man I really wanted to play on my bx in the snow! The rain has been on and off for weeks now. I can't till the garden, which I was wanting to do as soon as I can. I have landscaping projects I want to do and this weather just keeps screwing it up. In the meantime I have been keeping more than busy with projects around the house. The former owners did a lot of work... and by work I mean they half did it. So far I have replumbed both showers (pex is a wonderful thing) because of leaks, changed out the gasket in the strainer basket due to them over tightening it, moved the thermostat (and changed it over to a smart thermostat... but that was more of a want than a need) because they had it horribly located and it made no room in the house comfortable, attempted to install a new closet light (notice I said tried... the wire coming into the closet has a broken neutral and I still can't get in the attic to replace it), put plastic over the windows in the screened in porch (who in the world would only put screen on a porch with a nice floor? It was like a swimming pool after a rain), attempted to rewire a three way switch in the dining room (again attempted... I still have no idea what is going on there... I have wired a ton of three way switches and no matter what I did it wouldn't work right... I got frustrated and gave up), and I am sure I am forgetting something.
Anyway, I am curious what everyone else is doing to pass the time until they can play in the yard.

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Not much to do up here during winter. I keep up with the snow, which falls every few days in various amounts. Aside from the driveways there is a small amount of shoveling that needs to be done, mostly for exercise. Other than that I spend a lot more time on the computer, eat, ride the recumbent exercise bike, eat, fall asleep in the recliner while watching TV at night, and go to bed. Next it all over again. :tango_face_smile_bi
Looking forward to spring. :snowing:
Many years ago I had a mini motor home followed by a 25 foot trailer. The good part of RVing is that you can go anywhere you want and stop for the night, even if it isn't in a campground. It is much cheaper than a hotel and you can often cook your meals instead of eating in restaurants. Sometimes, finding a hotel at a reasonable price is not that easy.The initial cost of the vehicle is high, but there is residual value if you sell it, which somewhat mitigates the price. You usually get to meet people with similar interests, sit around campfires, and enjoy your surroundings, much unlike that in a hotel. Camping is certainly not for everyone though. There is work involved. If you just want to relax and come and go without cleanup, and eat in restaurants, there is nothing wrong with that.
Kevin, that's odd. I have never seen another post on here about a cracked head on a Kubota diesel. If you, or they figure out what might have caused it, please let us know.
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