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Waiting on spring

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So here I sit in the new house. Winter has been a busy so far... which is good for the hassle but man I really wanted to play on my bx in the snow! The rain has been on and off for weeks now. I can't till the garden, which I was wanting to do as soon as I can. I have landscaping projects I want to do and this weather just keeps screwing it up. In the meantime I have been keeping more than busy with projects around the house. The former owners did a lot of work... and by work I mean they half did it. So far I have replumbed both showers (pex is a wonderful thing) because of leaks, changed out the gasket in the strainer basket due to them over tightening it, moved the thermostat (and changed it over to a smart thermostat... but that was more of a want than a need) because they had it horribly located and it made no room in the house comfortable, attempted to install a new closet light (notice I said tried... the wire coming into the closet has a broken neutral and I still can't get in the attic to replace it), put plastic over the windows in the screened in porch (who in the world would only put screen on a porch with a nice floor? It was like a swimming pool after a rain), attempted to rewire a three way switch in the dining room (again attempted... I still have no idea what is going on there... I have wired a ton of three way switches and no matter what I did it wouldn't work right... I got frustrated and gave up), and I am sure I am forgetting something.
Anyway, I am curious what everyone else is doing to pass the time until they can play in the yard.

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Our house has good sized front and back porches with roofs over them, so no storm doors needed.

I'm itching for spring too. We bought a new Class A RV at the RV show in Hershey PA last fall and got in two short trips on it before we had to winterize it. Not much in the way of snow here this winter either. We've had a lot of little snowfalls, nothing worth firing up the Kubota to try to blow it, but a couple were enough, 2 to 4 inches, that I plowed those with the JD X500. I don't use the blower on the Kubota unless the snow is 6 inches or deeper. Anything less than that is quicker and easier with the plow blade on the JD.
Just for vacations or have you got some major long distance get-a-ways planned. What size and will you be towing another vehicle for traveling around your destinations. Elaine and I had talked about getting one. We started in a basic 8X1o Colman cabin tent, then through pop-up, small trailer and then larger trailer. Camped for some 35-40 yrs. Finally decided that we couldn't justify motor home and now we just go out and do a series of B&Bs. A lot simpler, at least for us. But hey, at my age simple is better!
We're planning to just vacation with it for the first several years, and then hopefully sell the house when we retire and live in it full time, maybe before we retire if her job allows it. We both work from home now, and I can work from anywhere I have an internet connection and cell phone service, but her job requires a private internet connection and VPN connection back to their central office.

My wife was a travel agent for a long time and still works in that industry, just not doing the "agent on the phone" thing any longer. We have traveled a lot, and have done a lot of B&B's.

We got into the RV lifestyle because her brother and a few of her cousins have bought them. We rented RV's a couple of times to go on trips with them and liked it. We are getting our Jeep Liberty setup to tow behind the RV so we have something to drive around when the RV is parked.
I have never thought camping is fun. Give me a hotel with a soft bed and running water that you don't have to hook up to. Now some years ago a friend and I talked about going west for an elk bowhunt and camping up in the mountains. That I would have enjoyed, but now days I probably would wake up sore every morning.

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We have a memory foam mattress with a memory foam topper on our bed in our house with the power adjustable frame with separate adjustments for each side so we're not accustomed to uncomfortable, beds. Every time we've traveled in the last few years, even to luxury hotels, we have come home stiff and sore and thankful to be back home in our own comfy bed, so we've installed a memory foam mattress and topper in our new RV so comfort won't be an issue. I don't mind doing the water/sewer/electric hookup. We've already got our "pre-flight" checklists for when we pack everything up to go on a trip, and another for when we arrive at a campground and do all of the hookups, and another for when we're getting ready to pack up and leave from a campground.
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