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Visual inspection of PTO clutches

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How can one tell if a PTO clutch is still good by looking at it when still in the tractor? The lining is so thin that it would seem that it is almost impossible to make a good determination.
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You really can't. You can only tell when they are gone. At that point, most of the cups are touching the cone.
Best I've done is to feel in there and feel the space between the cups and cone. Guess at best but if you have space, it'll run some more. It's much like buying a used one off Flea Bay.. a gamble!
So what you are saying is that this clutch is likely still good?

Yep! I'd run it with out much fear. When the bump the drive gear is when they are gone.
At that point the unknown is if the clutch will disengage. Equally as bad as one that is worn out is one that won't come out. I was told by one of the former Gravely Elves from Clemmons of one in the area that had been stuck for over 10 years and was still used regularly for mowing. I'd have thought it would free up by now but it apparently hasn't!
If it is stuck engaged then it will never wear out.
That is very true. It also adds a bit of adventure in running the tractor too!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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