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Virgin Gravely Rebuilder...Decal Question

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I'll be putting the hood decals on this weekend and I have no idea were to put them. Can anyone who has a Gravely 812 measure the distance from the bottom edge of the hood to the bottom edge of the decal and tell me that measurement? I know the decal is level to the ground but that's all. Is it as simple as the decal is centered between the top and bottom of the hood? Thanks for your help.
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I'll check my 816S tonight if no chimes in before then. All of the 800 hoods are the same so the decal should be the same height.
Thank you, I really appreciate this.
It is 3" on my 818T
Three inches on my 810 also, ordered them from RG. I measured before I removed the old ones prior to painting.
Just to confirm what everyone else has already told you.. I measure 3" on a known original set.
Appreciate it. This tractor didn't have decals when we received it.
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