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I recently brought this vintage riding mower home. It was my Pawpaw's mower and this was the first riding mower I had ever used. Pawpaw passed away in May of 1984 and the mower has sat inside his old workshop ever since. In 1993 I wanted to use it to cut my Granny's yard so we got it running again. I used it a few times and it always performed great. When I moved away, it sat idle once again inside the workshop covered up. My Granny passed away nearly 10 years ago and we have sold the house so in cleaning out the workshop I have once again been reunited with Pawpaw's riding mower and brought it back to my house. I plan to get her running again and keep it and just play around with it. The front tires are solid, and the rear are inflatable and of course they were both flat. I pumped up the tires and didn't have much pressure in them but one of them blew out. I am wondering if anyone has a source on parts for this mower? I have the grass deflector, don't know why it would've been removed but I plan to put it back on.
Anyhoo, I think I have posted on here before about this mower but it was some time ago.
I love this mower, it brings back so many fond memories of my Pawpaw.
I hope y'all like her.

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