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Vintage Jacobsen reel mower

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I picked up an old Jacobsen reel mower believe it’s a 1954 mower if someone could confirm that would be awesome.
I’m having troubles getting it running
Apparently it ran 2 years ago
I’ve drained fuel
Cleaned carb
New spark plug
Cleaned out fuel pickup straw
I’m not sure I’m getting spark I can’t see one but if I hold a finger on the plug while pulling the cord I sure feel one lol
I had to re solder all the coil connections maybe this has something to do with it.
Any suggestions would be awesome
Any manuals anyone can point me at or any info on my mower
Thanks a bunch


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The engine is newer from the 1960s as probably is the mower.
I would pull the plug and put a few drops of gasoline in the cylinder and put plug back in and give it another try...although I would think that sufficient spark would blow you out of your socks if you had your finger on it while pulling the recoil
not a real jake-it should have a jake 2 cycle engine. that's a briggs
I’ll add a photo of the engine sticker says 2 hp something
Thanks for all the insight
Any guess on the model trying to pin point the year
It's a Jacobsen Manor 21". I just looked up the serial number and the mower dates to a 1954.

The engine, as already mentioned, is not original. It would've had a 1-2HP 2 cycle Jacobsen built engine originally.
Darn that’s to bad was hoping it was original
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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