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Video from the Buckley show

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This video was taken by a new friend that we met at the show, Jason & Mary.
The Ridemaster belonged to Mary's grandfather who ( if I remember right ) died when she was 7.
She inherited the Ridemaster from him when he died.

They are traveling on the road around the outside edge of the show grounds.
As they are riding down "Main Street" by the train, Jason pans off to the right to show some of the tractors ( unfortunately , he doesn't catch my show display ).
There are over 900 tractors in this show area.

Below is Jason's description of the video and the video link.

Here is a video I took of Mary and I riding around at Buckley. Of course, I'm on
my Cub following Mary on her Ridemaster. We start over by the steam building and
ride all the way back to our camp. At Ridemaster speed that's a little over 10

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I was looking at this video again and realized that it must have been taken on Tuesday ( 2-days before the show started and 4-days before I met Jason and Mary ).
About half way thru the video, as Jason is approaching the train and buildings, he goes by a sign on a wagon that says " Welcome to the Buckley Old Engine Show".
Just past the sign, he pans to the right and there sits my truck.
I have the canopy's up and the truck is parked at the end of them but I don't have my tractors there yet.
A friend of mine was set up right behind me and on Tuesday I put my canopy's up and helped him put his canopy's up and bring in his tractors.
I didn't bring my tractors in until Wednesday morning.

This video gives you some idea of just how big the Buckley show is.
Look at how many tractor are there already and it is still two days before start of the show.
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:thanku: for sharing this, I really enjoyed watching it. And its fun just to turn up the speakers and hear the ol Cub run :thThumbsU
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