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Good evening, ladies and gentlement, and welcome to the 2009 Video Contest Awards Virtual Banquet. Very glad you could all join us this today for the ceremony and festivities. It's going to be a fine event, I assure you, with some great prizes being awarded. But, prior to the awards being presented, lets enjoy a great dinner and good conversation. At this time, either go to your kitchen table and have whatever has been prepared for breakfast/lunch/dinner, or just venture out to the fridge and grab some leftovers. While you are up, feel free to get a cold beverage of your choosing, or grab another cup of coffee. Don't forget to turn on the radio to an FM station that features beautiful music, and enjoy your meal. If you happen to be alone, why not check into the Chat Room, and visit with another attendee of this evenings function. Who knows, you may even have the opportunity to visit with one of the winners of this years contest. (Go ahead and ask for some pointers, so that if the contest is run again, you can give them a run for their money for votes!)

Clinking of plates.

Sound of a beverage being opened.:drunkie:

Music being played in the background.:bananapow :bananapow

Splat! Ooops, who dropped that piece of pie on the living room carpet? You're in BIG trouble!!

Ok, that was pretty good, wasn't it? Some good food. Bacon and eggs hit the spot. Nothing like a ham and cheese on rye,, is there? I'll bet that pie would have tasted pretty good, but, oh well....... Anyhow, without any further delays, let's get down to business here.

We asked for MTF members to put together videos/slideshows/pictures, etc. on any topic they desired. We had some good ones. Then, it was time to vote. Difficulties were reported all up and down the forums. Lots of fun shows, projects, productions. But alas, the curtain fell and the votes were in. Here are the results, and the prizes awarded.

Our top vote getter was:

Team Green, "Making Hay"! Nice job of mowing the field, TG. Good job of filming and putting it together with some catchy music. I found myself humming that tune off and on in the days following my watching your production. That video has won you a
beautiful group of trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. Get your shovel ready, they'll be on the way!:Tractor2:

What's that you say TG? Oh, nice gesture, Team Green! He would like everyone to get up and get yourself another cold beverage, soda, or cup of coffee ON HIS VIRTUAL TAB! How about a round of applause for him!:congrats: :OHCAN

OK, moving on, cause there is probably a limit to the length of posts allowed.

Second prize goes to DrBailey's Trike Mower. Wasn't that an interesting project watching it from start to finish? Now, how about a video of it in action? Anyway, that got DrBailey an MTF Beer Mug. :trink40:

Hey, 3rd and 4th prizes seem to be going to a tied pair of entries. Also, honorable mention to one of them.

Farmer2wife's "This Is Our Life" and "Doin' What We Do, it's Our Life"

along with

Farmerson's "Farming 2.0" will both be recipients of MTF Mugs! From the looks of their videos, they'll need those mugs for their morning coffee, cause it appears they have to start the day pretty early to do all that has to be done on their farm!:thanku:

There's also a tie for 5th and 6th prizes here.
Justins' "Prelude for Cello" by Bach was very enjoyable. Very nice job on that guitar, Justin, and thanks for posting that video. It's enjoyable hearing classical music played in a different manner. That production gets you an MTF Mug as well!:00000033:


Shenninger's "4WD Arctic-IngerCase Loader" was a very good example of mechanical ingenuity! Good job of putting together not only the movie, but the machine as well. Glad you posted your video. That deed warrants you an MTF Beer Mug for your effort. :Tractor2:

Well that brings to a close the MTF Virtual Awards Banquet. Thank you all very much for attending. There is still a bit of time left for a bowl of ice cream or whatever you find in your cupboard. If you grab a piece of pie, make sure you don't drop it on the living room carpet this time! Go ahead and check in to the Chat Forum if you get a chance and congratulate the winners.:trink39:

Would all you prize recipients please PM me with your addresses so I can get your prizes out?

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Congrats to everyone who submitted a video... they were great. I enjoyed watching them all. I hope Brad runs another contest soon so more folks can participate. I think the first contest perked a lot of folks interest. :fing32:

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Again, thanks to everyone that voted, and congrats to all the winners. Lets do another contest soon! (perhaps I will have to get a better web cam?).

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Second prize goes to DrBailey's Trike Mower. Wasn't that an interesting project watching it from start to finish? Now, how about a video of it in action? Anyway, that got DrBailey an MTF Beer Mug.

Wonderful , what a big surprise! Im sorry that I missed the party, I have been rattled lately, I will start paying more attention to the more important things in life.:ROF :ROF :thanku: :drunkie:
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