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Vibration X340

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Bought a used 2009 X340 last week. 25hp Kawasaki, 54" deck, K58 trans. 645 hours on it. Everything checked out on first inspection, but I forgot earplugs when I went to check it out and the noise covered up a vibration that I can hear now when wearing earplugs. It only happens when I engage the blades.

I pulled the deck and looked at the blades because the previous owner said he had sharpened them and I was thinking perhaps they weren't balanced. They looked nicked up and I decided to just put new ones on. I greased up the spindles just in case and fired it up. The sound of the vibration was slightly improved but didn't go away.

I pulled the deck again and popped the belt off to spin the pulleys, thinking perhaps one might sound bad or spin roughly. The outside ones were silent and spun much longer than the center one, which had a grinding noise. I went to the Deere place, picked up a new assembly, installed it, mounted the blade, shot some grease into the spindle, spun it on the deck with the belt off and the grinding noise is still there and it spins way less freely than the other two.

I haven't fired it up and engaged the blades to see if the vibration went away because it was late and dark when I got the deck back on the mower, but what gives with that new assembly being seemingly just as rough as the old one?

Assuming no improvement was made by putting the new assembly on, any thoughts on what might be causing the vibration? It isn't constant; more so a repeating increase and decrease, and it doesn't feel as much like a vibration as it sounds like one that comes and goes. I've got a 20 year old LX277 that just emits a steady purr when the blades are engaged, and as far as I know, all the spindles are original. Is it perhaps just a trait of this particular model and deck for it to sound different while running?
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Check you spindles housings for possible wobble, which can cause vibration too.
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