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I have a simplicity ZT2352, 52" zero turn mower, a 2005 model with Briggs Vanguard 23 V-twin engine. The unit has been great, about 1,000 hours use with no problems. Run synthetic oil, and wix filters always.

Unit is starting to have a slight tick, maybe more like a light connecting rod or wrist pin knock. (noticeable at mid rpms) I thought I would change rod bearings, but just learned it doesn't have any to change. My question is, does the crankshaft wear on the journals, or does the wear occur in the aluminum rods. Can I get a good rebuild by buying new rods, pistons, rings, wrist pins, gasket set, and honing cylinders and putting back together, or does the crankshaft need to be turned and cylinders bored to oversize to get a good job? Also do the valves need to be ground and heads planed for a proper job?

Could I manually check oil pressure and get an idea about wear?

What about running thicker oil, Lucas heavy oil stabilizer, etc?

Would it be cheaper to buy a new short block than to rebuild all this if the crank needs machine shop work?

Please give me your thoughts and experience, and ideas on how to proceed with this job. I hate to run the engine till it throws a rod, if a few hundred dollars now (new rods, pistons, rings, wrist pins, gasket set) could get many more years of good use.

Also thought about repowering with this, any thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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