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Valve adjustment X7

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So in the technical manual, it says to "turn the crankshaft CLOCKWISE until TDC..."

Do they really mean clockwise from crankshaft end which would be opposite normal motor rotation or do they mean clockwise as viewed from flywheel where the ignition parts they reference for spark? It seems like you would want to use normal rotation.

I must be messed up somehow, people do this everyday without issue.
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I'm taking a guess here but sounds like you'd remove the shroud around the flywheel and put a strap wrench around the flywheel, turn CW until you hit TDC. You should be able to tell when you reach TDC by inspecting the hole where the spark plug goes using a flash light.
Most engines the direction the engine runs is the direction you want to manually turn it for that purpose. If the rope or starter turns it CW then that's the way you want to manually turn it.
Yes, turn it in the same direction it runs in.
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